Lifestyle Guidance

Our Lifestyle Guidance focuses on YOUR condition to guide YOU through a gradual lifestyle transformation towards managing YOUR health. This practice educates YOU and brings YOUR attention to YOUR current mental, physical, emotional, and environmental status. We aim to teach YOU how to increase the body's natural response through personalized lifestyle adaptions. Individuals who seek our service are looking to make progressive lifestyle changes to better their health. This guidance usually lasts an hour with follow-up sessions until the individuals learn to adopt the changes that positively affect their health.  

What to Expect?   


YOU can expect a conversation exchanged with one of our team members. Through YOU, The team member(s) will gather an understanding of your lifestyle habits, explain how your everyday habits contributes to your discomfort, and finally, began the process of working with YOU to establish a plan. 


The team member(s) will suggest food alternatives, herbal therapeutics, or lifestyle adaptations. With YOUR help, we can create a personalized plan of action to match YOUR range of comfort and achieve progress. 

Guidance & Accountability 

Together, YOU and the team will develop an accountability system that teaches and guides YOU through the transition. 

To conclude, 

Follow-up is encouraged to assist with tracking the progress of change YOU have made through your journey. 

We Can…

You Learn….

Effectively communicate and educate the science of your health.

The state of your mental, physical, emotional, and environmental health. 

Pinpoint factors in your life that are negatively affecting your health.

Factors in your lifestyle that can be adapted to positively affecting your health.

Help suggest, food alternatives, herbal therapeutics, and lifestyle adaptions.

To take a direct approach in managing your health. 

Sessions hosted via 

- Internet (Zoom, Email, Social Media)

- Mobile device 

- In-person


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