Return Policy



We sometimes have products delivered that has been damaged or destroyed in transit. Additionally, there are times that an order might incur an error that includes overages, shortages or incorrect products sent. 

Notification of damaged, missing, or wrong product should be communicated using the contact form on the website within 48hrs of receiving the product and order.

    • 1. Only return requests made through the website can be processed


    • 2. Please do not mail back returns without receiving a return shipping label as this can cause your returns to be lost and your credits or replacements delayed.

I. Damaged, Missing or incorrect Product Received 

        A. Customer Support requires          notification within 48 hours of receiving the         shipment for the product in question.

        B. All requests should be placed using contact form on Contact Us page

            1. The notification should include:

                 a. A list of damaged and/or missing product with photos showing Product Label, Lot# and Expiration date for damaged or incorrect product received.

                  b. The quantity of damaged and/or missing product.

                   c. The order number of the damaged and/or missing product originate. 

                   D. The Customer Support Department will credit any product received damaged.

        • Please note--Requests without order numbers cannot be processed.                                                   
    • Damaged product will not need to be returned for credit.

    • E. Quantities of 5 or less of incorrectly received product will be issued a credit without the owner having to return product. Please do not discard product until after your credits have been processed.

    • F. When Customer Support receives a return request, they will replace the product and return it along with a RETURN SHIPPING LABEL to the owner on any quantities above 5 or where it is required that the product be returned. (such as product quality issues)

    • 1. The replacement product is shipped within 24hrs of receiving the notification to the shipping address the original order was shipped to.

II. What products qualify for return?

    • A. Any product that arrives in a shipment that is broken or leaking.

    • B. Any product that arrives with damaged or incorrect labeling.

  • C. Any product that has defects that cannot be found with a visual inspection.
    (i.e. non-functioning vape pens or batteries)

III. What products do not qualify for return?

    • A. Any product purchased by a retail customer and returned to the retail location.

    • B. Any product(s) not reported within 48 hours of receipt.

Finishing the return

    • A. When you receive the replacement product, we request that you place the damaged product in a box, pack carefully with padding and affix the return shipping label received from Customer Support. Contact the carrier when you are ready to have the item picked up or drop it at any UPS drop off location, whatever is more convenient for you.

      • 1. Return products should be shipped back within 48 hours of receiving Replacement.

        • a) Any items not returned to Customer Support within 14 days could result in the credit being reversed or a charge to the store for the product.

      • 2. Place the products outlined in the original return request email in the box with the return label.

      • a) Each return label corresponds to each request email. Please do not mix products from different requests.

If there is a discrepancy between the amount of replacement product credit was requested for and the amount of product that is received back, Customer Support will contact you to resolve the issue.